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As I was combining the Vsigfile you sent me into my bigger algorithm, and in the context of this discussion, somehting occured to me that might help beginners.
What about having simple blocks like say a reverb, but instead of having all the UI buttons and stuff, simply hard-wire good default values directly in the module. So you could publish a simple library of a basic reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, etc… but without any UI or menu stuff.
This way, basic users like myself could still create simple algorithms and get some sounds at quickly, then go back and add all the UI and menus later. It could really simplify the process of getting started.
I guess I could go directly to the modules and insert them one by one, but having preset default values "inside" the module could save some time for a semi-beginner.
Just thoughts, and clearly not as advanced as what you were proposing, and both would be great to have.