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Fair enough.
I think what could be great is if the area where users can share algorithms were up and running at this point. Although I have no idea how many users out there are fluent in VSig. I have a programming background, so it's not that hard for me, but I assume it's a limited pool, and yet a smaller pool of people willing to share algorithms.
In general, the biggest problem that I have encountered so far in my learning is that whenever I download an algorithm, I also get all the UI (and now know how to "hide" it), which, however important, makes the tasks of isolating and understanding the building blocks of somehting like a phaser or a flanger more difficult.
Unfortunately, I can't devote more than a few hours a week for this, but I'll get there.

BTW, I totally nailed the Gilmour tone now, thanks to your little algo from last week, and interestingly enough, spent much more time playign guitar than progrmaming presets and algorithms this week-end.
This is a trend I like!