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I tried a lot of different clocking topologies in my setup. Lynx AES 16 (2x), H8K, Eclipse, Lynx Aurora 16 with most of my outboard gear connected to it (analog), Cranesong Spider.

I am using the AES16 as master. The strange thing is that the Aurora16 sounds better when synced to AES/EBU sync instead of wordclock sync. And yes I am using 75 Ohm coax as cable.

Be also aware of different terminations in wordclock inputs. Some are terminated with 75 Ohm, but I also found gear with 50 Ohm termination (Cranesong Spider) or even without termination. To get high quality connections you need the impedance of the cable and the termination to match. If you do not match them you get so called mirrors on the end of the cable and that will interfere with the signal on the cable. This can cause Jitter problems on the wordclock. This is why you can not use simple microphone cable for digital connections. This cable does not have a 75/50 Ohm impedance.


BTW the Lynx AES/EBU uses 75 Ohm WC in and outputs. I read the big Ben has 75 Ohm terminated WC. The H8K and my Cranesong Spider has 50 Ohm termination….. Looks like a proper standard in the audio world is needed….