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Thanks for your quick response.

First – I didn't intend my post to be so much a calling out of Eventide as just an expression of slight disappointment in regards to one function of a product that I otherwise love.

I understand that no product can be a "be-all-end-all", but there are some functions (well, just one, really) that I feel should be more useable. One of the commonly voiced opinions among TF owners on this forum and others is that the vintage delay is great – but some just wish it to be "more" vintage-y. I don't know if this is possible with the algorithm that is being used in the TF, but if it is, it'd make this pedal a perfect 10.

I can only speak for myself here – but I would say with complete conviction that there's not one thing I would miss about the vintage delay setting on the TF if it were to be revoiced into a more analog-style sound. Whether this is possible or not is another question entirely, but I'm sure that if there is a way and the consensus is as in favor of this as it seems to be, Eventide will do what they can to make it happen.