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I had just posted in another thread that i would love to hear from Eventide whether or not i should hold my breath for a "grungy" delay setting, and it sounds like IDeangelis may have just given an answer…

 I take it what IDeangelis is saying is that there isn't enough room in the Timefactor for a delay that would do the grungy thing with the same level of quality as it does all its other delays, and Eventide wouldn't want to put an inferior effect on a pedal on which all the other delays do what they do as best as possible. So, while it is possible with the amount of code they have left over on the tape delay to make a hissy effect for the x-knob to control, but there wouldn't be enough code room for a really awesome saturation.

While i myself would prefer even a half-assed tape saturation effect to the hiss effect (so that i don't have to put another pedal in my signal chain), then there might be someone who complains that the Tape Delay is no longer truly a "modeler" as it once was, and that they used the hiss to really recreate an old delay. However, that type of mentality seems more fit to a studio effect (someone is much more likely to use that his on a recording than on stage), and while Eventide is huge in studio effects, these pedals are (if i'm not mistaken) geared towards live performance, and on stage, i think a half-assed grunginess factor is more useful than a perfectly modeled tape hiss.

 But again, i don't know about how much coding room is needed for any of this, so i might not really understand the situation.