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we can't really discuss about coding and other complex things here, it's simply out of context. We do not do modeling! That's a very different thing. We make things sound as good or as real as possible with different coding approaches. There are limitations, I would rather say *differences* though between analog and digital technologies. Still I haven't heard a real analog delay from digital technology but lo-fi stuff done w/digital technology is by far better than analog. So, I don't know if we could do what you are asking for in this case, nor I have stated anything you imply in your comment.

My point is about technical aspects that are by far more complex than naming things we would love to have in a single product. Sure enough we need way more processing resources for the fx our products are able to do than many other companies, coming from studio quality gear. That's one of the reasons you all get the sound quality you all seem to appreciate in the Eventide brand and legacy. I'm sure our folks are looking into these suggestions but, as an example, I wasn't sad the day I bought my Pcm80 because it wasn't able to sound like an EMT Plate HUGE box verb! It does come close up to a point…but it's not the same. I learned about many other things in the product that are great!

In a perfect world any box would do anything. In our less than perfect world a box does well what it can do, or does a lot of things…with lesser results. It's a matter of choices.