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Thanks for the quick reply IDeangelis. I hope you aren't offended or
anything if i misinterpreted your previous post… i was taking this

"Some options may not be possible because, if implemented, would take away other cool things other people love"

mean that it would not be possible to fit in a "grunginess" control on
the tape or vintage delay settings because it would take up too much
data space and something else would have to be cut out. But again, i
don't know how the heck things work, and maybe it's more a matter of an
algorithm being set as is, like the vintage delay that's in there is
it, and there's no way to change the parameters unless the whole darn
vintage delay were replaced with another vintage delay algorithm

 Also, i know you're not in the business of
"modeling" particular effects boxes, and i'm definitely not expecting
to get the sound of a 40 year old tape deck out of a digital box.
Rather, i used the term 'modeling' in a looser sense. Maybe i should
have said 'simulating.' the wow and flutter and hiss "simulate" a tape

So when everyone here is clamoring for a grungy, smeary
delay, i don't think we're expecting for it to exactly mimic some
multi-thousand dollar piece of vintage gear. Rather, we just wish that
we could have something that gets us into that ballpark with our
Timefactors rather than having to go out and get some other delay… i
mean, that particular $250 stompbox in question doesn't do things
perfectly, but it gets you into the ball park…

sooooo, i wish Eventide could/would tell me definitively that i shouldn't ever expect that kind of effect on this pedal, but maybe they don't know themselves?? Or maybe it should be obvious to me that these algorithms and parameters are going to be what they are, and it should be obvious to me that the purpose of this forum is finding and fixing bugs, not figuring out what effects to change/add.

Usually, effects pedals are as is, and this is the only one i've ever had that's upgradeable, so there's this whole new can of worms… do i go out and get a grungy delay, or do i wait and see if Eventide makes such a change in the future…???