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 It wouldn't take too much to make the tape delay a whole lot
more useable. Take the compressor algorithm from the dynamic/ducked
delay, set it at 10:1 ratio, and put that in the feedback path for the
tape delay in place of the 'hiss' control. Let the hiss knob control
the compressor threshold, and you're a whole lot closer to a tape

 Speaking of the tape delay, it would have
been nice(r) IMO to have a bandwidth control instead of a low pass
filter only. My reasoning for this is that tape machines (especially
small format ones used in tape echos) roll off both top and bottom from
the repeats. Having a low pass only leads to excess mud buildup.

not sure what's up with the vintage delay either….the noise issue is
strange, ending up with a gating sound. Maybe some dither is
required…or maybe it was there v 1.1, and got taken out with the Beta
2.0.  Those old delays used pre,and de-emphasis filters, as well
as companders to improve the S/N. I have a feeling this wasn't included
in the Timefactor implementation, and now we've become aware of why
these things were required back in the early days of digital delay.

don't mean to sound like I'm bagging on the Timefactor, because I am
overall very impressed with the implementation of this delay. The
flexibility, programmability, and control via expression pedal, are all
incredible…add to this MIDI control, and USB upgrades, and that jsut
puts it over the top. Oh yeah, it sounds great, and is one hell of a
creative tool.