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I think it's important to keep straight a number of different issues in this thread.

One, people seem to want the TF to be able to do a convincing lo-fi analog delay. I'm definitely one of those people. I'd be all for it if Eventide can manage to put one into this box.

Two, other people seem to have some complaints about the current vintage delay in the TF–mostly the hiss knob. I'm *not* on board with the idea of monkeying around too much with the vintage algorithm. As Italo said early on, this algorithm is an attempt to emulate early, vintage *digital* delays, and I think the TF does a great job *as is*. I sold my Korg SDD-3000 "vintage" delay after A/B-ing it with the TF. All I had to do is put my Psionic Audio Triad pedal (which is a replica of the SDD-3000 preamp) in front of the TF, and it sounded at least as good as the Korg, if not better! And the hiss is actually quite realisitc. All of the noise of the SDD-3000 can be dialed in if you really want it. 🙂

Three, there seems to be a third camp that is a bit unhappy with the quality of the tape delay algorithm in the TF. I admit that it could be better, and I won't be selling my Fulltone Tube Tape Echo anytime soon. But it still sounds good. I hope they just continue to tweak it.

As for the main issue at hand, which is seeing if a good analog-style delay algorithm can fit in the TF, I'll just hope for the best. But I really don't want too much monkeying around with the vintage delay algorithm. I wouldn't try to convert that into an analog delay. Please leave the "guts" of that algorithm as is.