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Yes, i recognize that in my posts, i have not been very clear on terminology, and i recognize that i've probably revealed much of my own ignorance regarding the history of delays…

So i'm not sure exactly what kind of delay this comes from (if it's digital, analog, etc…) but what i want, and what i think people have been asking for, is a kind of delay on which each successive repeat sounds different than the previous (thinner band-wise and perhaps more distorted?). The main thing drawing me to this is my experience with my build-your-own-clone DD-80, which i believe is a clone of the Boss DD-2 (but i'm not positive). I'm not sure exactly by what mechanism this occurs, but on that pedal, the DD-80, each successive repeat sounds a bit different than the previous.

 This is NOT the same as modulation… with the modulation on the TF vintage delay and mod delay, you can hear the periodicity of the modulation. But what i am wishing for, and what i think others are too, is a delay wherein each successive repeat is different than the previous–not in a periodic way, but instead being based on how long since that note or pluck or sound or whatever was put into the delay.

But again, i see Eventide's dilemma with the post up above saying that the wow and flutter are useless on the tape delay. While i agree that i would love the hiss control to be a saturation control and i don't use the flutter control much, i absolutely adore the 'wow' feature.

So if i love the wow feature, maybe there are users out there who love the hiss feature and who love the fuzziness as you turn up the x-knob on the vintage delay.

But if it does help to clarify, then what i'm wishing for in the vintage delay setting is something that gets more and more different with each successive repeat.  Maybe though, that sound was only featured on cheaper stompboxes of past (or as an invention in the 90s), and since Eventide has aimed to simulate the higher-end vintage delay units named by IDeangelis above, then it would seem inappropriate to Eventide to consider putting this kind of sound on their vintage delay effect (in which case, i say shucks, but others might praise Eventide for it).

So why not put my dd-80 on my board? cuz it's noisy, messes with my clean signal, and it's got no tap tempo!!!!