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It think that it is understood about the relationship of bit rate and noise. However, nobody wants noise, just the tone of the delay. I had a vintage Deluxe Memory Man that I loved the tone of—but I didn't pay "to get a vintage noisy fx device"—I bought it because of the tone of the delays. I know of nobody that wants the noise included in the simulation–same thing with the tape model. We all want the beautiful sounds of the vintage units *without* the downfalls that they had like noise and bad tone robbing bypasses. That is why the boutique market is so successful. They make toneful devices that improve the functionality of the effects we use. I don't want my effects robbing me of musicality because I'm stressing about excess noise and overtones when playing or recording. I believe it is an error in logic to believe that people pay for noisy units. They pay for toneful units. Vintage noise is just plain noise. 🙂

I honestly think that the Vintage Delay sounds are among the best on the TF, but I don't use all that much because of the noise. Check some of the other boards–the number one complaint about the TF is the Tape and Vintage noise. Just some thoughts you guys might want to consider.