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I agree.

I can't say that "we all" (meaning every musician) wants the timbre of tape and vintage digital delay without the noise, but i'm pretty sure i do. The noise on the vintage delay algorithm's lower bitrates might hold a special place in some folks' hearts and it might not be attainable by other means, but i can't see why anyone would want the hiss on the tape delay. It seems to me that the hiss wouldn't have any purpose on stage but would only be desirable on a recording and 1) the TF is mainly designed, since it's a stompbox, to be a live tool, right? and 2) there are plenty of other ways and plugins to get vintage sounding noise on your recordings.

I hate to annoy Eventide with our desires for the vintage and tape settings (especially when, i think, the looper issue is the biggest fish to fry), but we are saving them money on market research right?