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I just tried synchronizing via MIDI and tried various sources with FW 2.0.3[2]. The same results as seen before are still occuring. The delay sounds glitchy as the TF continually chases the MIDI clock. I'm guessing the Factor software needs to be written so when it sees a big difference in MIDI clock, (from what it expects) its sensitivity is lowered to lock in on the tempo, and then once the tempo is determined, the sensitivity should be raised so the BPM is not being constantly reset until it sees a big difference to lower the sensitiviity again and so on.

This feature is awesome and one of the main reasons I was drawn to purchase the Factor pedals. Unfortunately until this bug is worked out the feature is useless. I will try synchronizing via USB but this won't help me synch to a drum machine via MIDI when playing live. Hopefully the feature gets worked out soon. If you guys need details to help work out the kinks let us know.