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 Hey Alan, thanks for responding. I thought through what I want to accomplish and in the end realized what I needed was controller for the two Factors that can send different messages on different midi channels simultaneously- and problem solved. Now I would describe what I see on the Factors as much less than a bug, since my desire was probably an extreme edge case. I also want to amend my observations about syncing between the TF and an Alesis SR18. I had the same issues using other gear as master clocks for the drum machine- it is not a TF issue. These pedals are great! I do find it interesting that one of the greatest strengths of the Factors, "controlability" (for lack of a better word- foot switches and midi support) is also one of the greatest sources of posts on this board. Since I'm posting I'll go ahead and testify to the incredible tripping-out experience I had with the Modfactor when I first used the input envelope modulation setting with all the different modes- super wild with flanger and phaser.