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My suggestion to Eventide for v3.0 (or whatever comes next) is to add BYPASS as an option in the MIDI map menu. That way, if I want the unit to perform a relay bypss and remove itself completely from the chain on, for example, patch 106, then I can use Program Change messages and MIDI mapping rather than Control Change messages to do so.

As I see it, there are two types of TimeFactor users: those who don't mind doing the "pedal dance" and those who do. The prior group tends to use it like a more sophisticated stompbox, turning it on and off manually as needed. Most, I'm sure, never bother with MIDI at all.

For users such as myself and Larry who use the TimeFactor in conjunction with MIDI switch systems, CC is not a sufficient way to perform a bypass because we want to have one button change everything. Most MIDI foot controllers can send Program OR Control messages, but not BOTH simulteniously. This means that if I want to change patches on my switcher AND bypass my TimeFactor, I have to push two buttons.

I suppose I could make my TimeFactor take up a loop in my switcher, but since I only have 4, I'd rather save those loops for less sophisticated effects boxes.

So, Eventide Techs: If you're reading this, please add some way toBypass via Program Change messages. Thanks.