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 Greetings!   1st, thank you for this initiative.  I can't wait to see what comes out of it.

I know it has been said a few different ways but I wanted to chime in and lend some more support.  This is coming strictly from a Guitarist perspective, using the Eclipse as the primary effect in a Amp's effect Loop live.

The range of options and possibilities do seem endless, and I would never want to take away the depth that is available if you want to dive deep.

I would really enjoy an increased number of more "basic" presets though.  A lot of what comes stock is mindblowing upon 1st hearing but just is not practical on most basic guitar parts…they are simply over the top.  Again, it is easy to find use for a lot of them (more in a solo guitar environment but not so easy when you just want to add a dash of something.

This is especially important for "on the fly" changes while playing live or while writing.  "Hey how about a little slap back effect on that bridge?", or "just need some good clean chorus on that interlude…"

 I feel like if your buying an Eclipse…you know what it is capable of.  You don't need 400+ presets just to make you go "WOW!".  I hate feeling like if I don't have a LOT of time to go in and tweak/create a special preset for a very simple effect need that it is easier to just step on a Choralflange pedal and get a sound that is only 1/2 as good, but 10x as easy to access…Especially when I know my Eclipse can do it better, if it just had the more basic presets there already.