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Hi Nick,
I've done the following thing and had the sync work well – use the Alesis Micron as a signal processer, with in-tempo delays and the tempo slaved to a drum machine. Feeding the signal from the same drum machine through the Micron, I am able to get in-tempo delays, and run sequences on the Micron in sync with the drum machine. But the Micron only has a second of delay and no looping, so it's hard to know how precisely the delays are lining up. You can also make the Micron do tempo synced phase, flange, and filter effects on an input signal. It is not set up to be used as an effects unit – you have to be playing a note for the signal to pass through, and the sound quality on the inputs is pretty iffy – but it is capable of doing these things in sync to an external tempo, and the sync feels much more solid to me than what I was getting with the Time Factor.

I don't know of any delay pedals that are supposed to do this well (that's why I was drawn to the TF).

I haven't used it, but the Boss RC-50 looper (the big pedal board version) is supposed to accept midi clock, but I have read on the internet about people having similar problems with slipping when connecting it to outboard gear. People say they solve it using "midi clock delay" which is apparently present in some DAWs, but not in any synths I have used. I don't really know how that works.

Would it be feasible to have the TF act as a midi clock master? I think that would solve all of my sync problems with it, and I think a lot of people would see having their clock master be a device with tap tempo as a huge advantage for live performance. Most synths do not have a foot pedal for tap tempo, and as a result there are products like this:

Anyways, it's great to see that this is being worked on! I really love the TF, but having better sync options would let me use it in more contexts.