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First, the wet/dry knob is simply a "mixer" between your input signal (dry) and everything we do to it in the PF (wet). So, in our nomenclature, every bit of processing we do, including time delays, we call wet. Also, the delays are after the pitch-shifters, so what is being delayed is not the dry signal, but the pitch-shifted one. It will be a regular delay if the pitch is set to UNISION.

Second, if you just want a single pitch-shifted real-time signal, try this:
turn the wet/dry to 100%, turn the pitch mix all the way to A, set pitch A on your desired interval, pitch B setting won't matter, turn Delay A and B all the way to 0 (or No DLY if in tempo mode), set the modulation to 0 (knob straight up), the speed and waveform (LFO) won't matter either, set the feedback to 0.

Alternatively, if you want 2 pitch-shifted signals playing together, mix in B iwith the A/B mixer knob and choose an interval for B on the Pitch B knob. If you would like these 2 pitch-shifted signals to be real-time harmonies to your dry signal, mix some of your dry back in by turning the wet/dry mix to 50% or something.

Hope this answers your question.