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if you guys do actually make native versions of these plug ins i really really hope you make then iLok free and allow for 2 authorizations so we can install them on 2 systems.. one for the laptop and one for the desktop. traveling with iLoks is annoying and worrying as they break/get lost or stolen and laptops are fast enough these days to use CPU hungry plugins like these in a live situation. playing live with an iLok is doubly worrisome…

i know it's not too common for highend plug in makers to allow for more than one install but these days it's more than necessary and most DAW's (DP, live, Logic etc) allow for installs on more than one system because i think they understand that most people have a live/portable set up as well as a studio set up.. i think it's unreasonable to have to buy the plug ins twice to use them on each system. even NI allows a 2nd auth and many other plug in developers do as well.

just my 2 cents