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I don't feel as hostile as Burger,  but am deffenitly frustrated with the uncertain wait.  I have the same issues with the people at moog and have to admit that despite their extraordinary customer care, I find it terribly frustrating to own a piece of equipment you can't get the full use out of and not knowing when to expect the problem to be fixed.

One issue I find particulary annoying is the useless midi clock and innacurate bpm count on all 3 pedals.  I've been waiting for about a year for an update that will make my modfactor and timefactor 'useable'. Keep in mind that this isn't an issue of product enhancement, its actually a key (and highly advertised) feature that dosn't work.

I own all 3 pedals.  And only bought the pitchfactor because there were reports that these issues were resolved in the pitchfactor.  They have not, and I feel misled.

I agree with Burger, that it is an utter lack of respect to sell an item and fix it along the way with updates.  I can certainly say that I expected a much quicker and deliberate effort to adress these essential problems from a company with an outstanding reputation, which also makes reliable products for civilian aviation.

That said, there is nothing like these pedals on the market, and they are not your standard $70 boss pedal.  I appreciate the complexity of the task of updating them, and also how difficult it must be to satisfy the odd whims of their customers.  I just wish eventide would meet my patience 1/2 way and either adress the critical issues more promplty or at least state a date for the update, so I know when I can expect to be able to use them.

I can live without the volume function, can do without certain scales, will pass on the other great suggestions I've read on this forum, but the tempo and midi issues are things I can't negotiate.

I mean if I have to wait another 6 months for this problem to be fixed I may as well sell them.  Or maybe it wouldn't be outrageous to see if I could get some kind of refund. 

I dunno.  It's a bit frustrating.