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I must apologize.

I sat down with the pitchafactor for a couple of hours and realized that the BPM count is actually spot on.  I timed the Harpegiator against my computers bpm counter and found that it is indeed accurate.  I encountered problems when using the Harmodulator, but I'm pretty sure its me lagging behind and not the pedal.  I'm actually be me playing to the rythm of the delay and slowing down naturally because I'm not playing 'ahead' of the beat with the metronome.

All's good with the BPM count. Again, I apologize.

I haven't been able to make the midclock work though. It's just all messed up.  I'm under the impression that both devices are on the same BPM, but aren't counting toghether.  The devices never match up.  I'm not using a very long cable (2m).  I know that midi has time signature limitations but this is very strange.  Maybe it could be midi latency…….  I'm not sure, I'll see if I can experiment with the midi through the usb cable and let you know if I have different results.