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Hi Andrea,

1. Yes, your first question is possible. I just tried it! You just have to make sure that the MIDI OUTPUT of both pedals is set to "OUT" and not "THRU".

Sorry but I need a little precisation: with TF I'd like to change program staying in bank mode while in PF I always like to stay in play mode (to always set tap tempo and activate or not effect). Example. In bank 1 of TF I set Analog delay in 1.1 e reverse in 2.1. When I select effect 1.1 I also change effect in PF (for example quadravox) and when I select effect 2.1 in TF I change effect (for example octaver) in PF. My question is: PF will be in play mode anyway? If I change effect with TF too??? Or probably I could find it in bank mode because of the program changing?