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ledeutsch wrote:

"I'm a newbie to midi stomp boxes. I've got my pitchfactor connected
to my computer via USB, dumped the presets (all & current), opened
FactorLib but can't find the .syx file that it's looking for.  What
happens when you dump?  Does it create a .syx file on your computer
that you use in FactorLib to edit?   I've searched far and wide in the
manuals and online and am dumbfounded.  Any help is much appreciated."

When you load all of the patches from your Factor to the computer nothing is created until you save and then a syx file will be created and you will be prompted to name and where to save the file. You can move patches around and reorder them in the librarian and if you want them on your Factor in this order then you must load them back to the Factor and don't forget to resave the syx file after you edit or change anything in the librarian. Does this make sense?

I have found one bug in the librarian. I am on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 and every time I try to change the font the librarian crashes. I can change the font size but if I try to change to a different font then it instantly crashes.

I would also like to name patches even if you only have access to 7 characters.

The only other thing that would be nice is to actually be able to edit the patches themselves in the librarian, in other words have virtual knobs in the librarian to represent the front panel of the factor. Then you could tweak on the computer and have it reflected on the factor. I realize this may not be possible at all or maybe it's on tap for further down the road. If this is possible maybe more parameters could be made available for each delay type, in other words now you have a limited number of knobs on the factors so there are only so many parameters available to edit in each delay type but if you could edit on the computer you wouldn't be limited by this. Yes you wouldn't have a knob on the factor to change these "hidden" parameters but I could live with that. Maybe we could assign a hidden parameter to the xknob since that's the wildcard in each delay type anyway.

Hopefully that makes sense.

I really like the new presets there are some wonderful sounds there!! Great work!!