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To further solidify what NicD said, The Line 6 modelers have the exact same V and mA ratings as the Eventide stompboxes. (9v, 1200mA, center+) Since the PP2+ has a specific option for powering the Line 6 modelers, there's no reason the PP2+ wouldn't work. In fact, I power an TF along with 7 other pedals from my PP2+ with no issues whatsoever. No need for a Versa, or ISO5.

Just make sure you use the red-tipped cable, so that the plug fits and the polarity gets reversed.

PS – Just for kicks, I tried powering my TF with the standard low-current 9v output from the PP2+ and even that works fine. But I still use the L6 setting, just cos I have no reason not to.