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Hi Trazan. Is more like there is a interaction between the dry signal and the wet signal, in a bad way. For example, if I do a slow bend, the moment  the repetition hits , it kind of  "crashes" with the dry signal, instead of being as background, don't know if I am explaining it well. On a "the Edge" setting, for example, even when I use palm mute to kill the dry signal, I still can hear the volume on the repetitions being higher than the dry signal.

The distortion, as I mentioned, could be easily power tubes distorition as the volume increased a lot related to the dry signal (being on the eff.loop). If I use a mix level of 31 or 65 as suggested on some presets, a mess is what I get…

I realized also that I have the 2.0.0BETA[7] version, maybe an upgrade will help on this one?