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Ok, here goes:

In this first part you need to set up the master device (the factor that the exp pedal is physically plugged into).  This is a bit exhaustive, trust me it's easier than the length of this post makes it look, but I included all the details to avoid any confusion.  Here are the steps: 

1. Enter System mode by holding down the Encoder and the right footswitch.  Make sure you are in the top level of the system mode menu tree.  The options when you turn the encoder should be BYPASS, TUNER, AUX SW, MIDI, GLOBAL, UTILITY

2.  Scroll to MIDI and enter the MIDI menu by pressing the encoder.

3. Scroll to XMT CC and press the encoder to enter this sub-menu.

4.  There will be a display that shows which control is assigned which MIDI CC value.  You can change these two parameters independently and the arrow between them points to which value the encoder will change.  Use the left adn right footswitches to toggle the arrow.  So, with the arrow facing left (towards teh control) scroll until it says PDL.  Now press the right footswitch and assign a CC value to PDL. 

5.  Press the middle footswitch to exit this submenu and go back up to the MIDI menu.

6. Scroll over to CTL XMT and press the encoder to enter.  Turn it on by turning the encoder, the press the middle footswitch to go back up to the MIDI menu.

7.  Scroll over to OUTPUT and press the encoder to enter.  Turn it XMT, then exit by pressing the middle footswitch. 

8.  Exit System Mode by holding the encoder and right footswitch.  The master should be set up to transmit Exp pedal now. 

In this second part you set up the slave device (the factor that recieves exp pedal control via MIDI CC).  Here are the steps:

1.  Enter System Menu like before, then scroll over to MIDI and enter the MIDI menu.

2.  Enter the RCV CH menu and make sure that it says OMNI or matches the master device's XMT CH. Then go back up to the MIDI menu.

3. Scroll over to RCV CTL and enter this submenu.  The works exactly the same as the CTL XMT menu that you set up in the master.  So scroll using the encoder until you see PDL in the left half of the display, then switch the arrow to the right half of the display and use the encoder to assign the same CC value to PDL that you picked for the master.  Exit back into the MIDI menu.

4.  If you have more than one slave device you'll also want to scoll over to OUTPUT and set it to THRU. 

5.  Exit the System Mode. 

Now simply connect the pedals via a standard MIDI cable (out/thru of master, in of slave), and you should be good to go.  Let me know if there are any questions.