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My question seems like it might be similar in some respects to thoward's above.

I am putting together a pedal board that will be completely controlled by MIDI. My controller is a Liquid Foot Jr., and I have an expression pedal plugged into one of its exp. input jack. (I posted separate threads about exp. pedal compatibility with Eventide pedals, if you happen to see those.)

On my pedal board, among other things, I have all three Factor pedals. Obviously there's no way I could plug an expression pedal into each one of the Factors, so my hope is that the one exp. pedal plugged into my controller will be able to control them all. To begin to test things, I simplified my rig down to the following, just to experiment:

Boss FV 300L exp. pedal, which is plugged into my MIDI controller via a TRS cable. MIDI out from my controller to MIDI in of my PitchFactor. MIDI receive is set to channel 1 on the PF, and I am sending to the PF on channel one of my controller. I created a preset in my controller that is supposed to send a CC message

I chose the Crystals effect on the PF, and I tried to control the mix level from a min. of zero to a max of 55 with my expression pedal via MIDI CC from my controller. I chose CC 0 as the CC number to assign to Knob O, mix. I set the min and max values as described in the manual.

I also programmed my controller, but something is not quite working. My controller asks me to assign the following info: a "C" (Command), plus a Data 1 value and a Data 2 value. For Command, I selected "B", which, on my MIDI controller, corresponds to "Continuous Control". For Data 1 I entered 000, because I *think* this is where I enter the CC # that I have set in my PitchFactor for the parameter I wish to control. (In other words, since I chose CC 0 on my PF, then Data 1 should also be zero—000). For Data 2, however I do not know what to enter–if anything. Maybe my exp. pedal provides the data for Data 2 when it is depressed? I have asked for support at Liquid Foot on that very question already.

I just want to know if a) I have set things up correctly (as far as you can tell) on the Eventide end of things, and b) whether I should ultimately have success controlling all three Factor pedals via MIDI CC from my MIDI controller. I am able to program my MIDI controller *per preset*, so that, for example, my preset 1 above will send a CC message to control the mix on the  PitchFactor. But I can program another preset that will send a CC message to the ModFactor to control something else entirely–and so forth. I could even send simultaneous CC messages to different Factor pedals in the same preset, should I need to.

Finally, I assume PitchFactor will get the same MIDI updates for optimum functionality that TimeFactor and ModFactor got a few days ago with the new software release?

Many thanks for reading.