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Based on what you wrote, I would recommend the following setup:

1) Instead of trying to map CC# values to knob values, program your expression pedal on the Liquid Foot Jr for one specific CC#  and simply make the range go from 0 to 127 (min to max).  Do this for all of your 'Presets' on the Liquid foot Jr. 

2) Follow the steps I outlined in my above post  that detail how to map expression pedal over MIDI to the same CC# on your factor pedal. 

3) Now, using the expression pedal programming in the Factor pedals (see a Factor pedal  manual)  you should be able to map any range of knob values to the heel and toe of the expression pedal (even over MIDI).  This is done on a per Preset basis (as in BANKs).  It's more flexible to keep your expression pedal knob relationship (and factor pedal sounds) settings localized in the unit where they apply.  This way you always send the full range MIDI expression values for everything and rely on the Factor pedal to do what it was intended to do. 

4) I would then use the Liquid foot controller to send MIDI Program change that maps the Liquid foot Presets to the Factor Presets. 

Let me know if you get it going,