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I just thought of two more issues I need to address as I work out the details of setting up my pedalboard.

1. Will the programming method you outlined above for me most likely work with other devices that I also want to have CC over with my exp. pedal? I have a Line 6 M9 in this pedal board also, so if I follow what you outlined above, I would hope that my Liquid Foot presets will then work the same way with my M9. Of course, I can (and will) ask in the Line 6 forum, but I thought you might have some insights.

2. I thought I would need to use a MIDI thru box with this board because I have 5 MIDI devices I will need my controller to communicate with, and that would be too many devices to daisy chain. I thought I would connect each device to one of my MIDI thru box outs (I have a box with 5 MIDI outs). But, I believe your setup above requires that the Eventide boxes be daisy chained. Is that right, or would it be better for me to use my thru box?