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Jeff…. I noticed your posts here and we seem to be trying to do the exact same thing and I have a question for you about the LFjr 

I just replied to your post at the Liquid Foot forum…as well.

Like you, I want to use just one expression pedal to control both of my factors.  Individually, of course.

The expression pedal works perfectly with the factors for me via midi in the LFjr…. so there's no worry there. 

The problem I'm having is with programming the  "expression pedal bypass" feature on the Liquid Foot Jr

I set the LFjr to control the Pitchfactor "globally" and, again, it works perfectly….. but when I try to "bypass" it  for Modfactor control in an individual preset….. it does bypass the pitchfactor control.. but it doesn't activate the Modfactor control in it's stead. 

I've tried to reverse this scheme to see if it was a problem with one particular factor… but it does the exact same thing

Did you manage to get this to work?… and if so…..heh, what did you do? 

Sorry Eventide guys for using your forum to ask a question about someone else's product Smile