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I see where you are coming from and this might be useful at home when tweaking sounds but I don't think I'd want it to work this way on a gig. Can you see where this could lead to some totally unexpected (and undesirable) results especially playing live? I have my TF on a pedal board and though the knobs don't get moved much there's always the chance they could. If knobs were moved and I went into Play mode the resulting sound could be totally horrible and unusable. Then I'd have to figure out which knob or knobs to move to get it to sound good again and with 10 or so parameters available in each patch this might take a while. Even one knob being out of position could wreak havoc with the sound of a particular patch.For me tweaking sounds based on the visual cue of the knob position would not be that useful because each knob controls a different parameters for each delay type with the x knob being the prime example. The knobs behave differently in each delay type.

I don't use Play mode myself because I don't use the Repeat function and I have Tap on an external footswitch and in Bank mode you can turn each effect on or off with the effect footswitch anyway.

If Eventide were to ever make Play mode reflect knob positions hopefully it would be an option and not the default because even though I don't use Play mode I wouldn't want it to behave this way. Sorry about that!

I hope this makes a little sense!