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Makes sense Ed.  This is an educational dialogue for me!  Thank you.  I see where you are coming from.  I also use it primarily in Bank Mode, however, I'm coming from using the Nova Delay, which reflects the knob settings going to and from saved presets.  The Timefactor does not go back to the last used setting in play mode when going back to play mode from bank mode – this is a feature I would like to see.  Rather, the Timefactor goes back to the preset type of delay rather than what was being used in play mode.  Say I was using play mode and digital delay with no modulation.  If I went to a patch with vintage delay with modulation and then back to play mode, it would send me to vintage delay.  Furthermore, when I try revert back to the digital delay by adjusting the encoder knob, the digital delay sounds nothing like what I just used in play (no knobs adjusted).  If I wanted just a straight digital delay I have to adjust every single knob again – so frustrating.  Even dual delays (going from a dual delay preset) will be present when delay B is completely off and the mix is 100% A.  Just to get back to a "base" sound requires me to adjust all the knobs.  ARRGGH! Angry