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So you would like Play mode to always stay at the same settings so no matter which preset you change to over in Bank mode when when you come back to Play mode it will have the same settings as the last time you were there?  It sounds like you want Play mode to be your blank "scratch pad" and when you pick a delay type it comes with a "base" set of parameters for that type of delay. Is this what you are asking for? Then if you create something in this work space you can save it to a preset. Am I getting close? I'm not sure there is a "base" set of settings for each delay type.

I can see where this might be cool to have. I have a Boss DD20 Giga Delay that has 4 presets plus something called Manual mode which reflects the front panel knob position but there are only 5 knobs for basic functions (Delay Type and Time, Tone, Feedback and Level) so it's much easier to manage. The issue with the TF is there are so many knobs to keep track of and they all behave differently depending on the delay type you've selected.

I think Eventide looks at Play and Bank modes as related to each
other where Bank mode gets you to a certain preset and then Play mode
lets you control that preset with the three foot switches.

I've never used the Nova Delay so I'm not familiar with the interface at all, and I'm sure if I were I'd see exactly what you mean. I know how it is trying to wrap your head around the layout of a pedal especially the Factor pedals which are pretty deep for stomp boxes.