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first comes knowledge, then the application of it.

Levels in audio are measured in dB. This is a relative (not absolute) unity measure… something I won't get into now as it may not be important. Audio levels are generally divided into instrument and line types. The most common signal levels in music apps are instrument levels at -10 or -20 dB and line levels at +4 dB. There other line levels ranges in higher pro devices like sophisticated studio mixers…

To simplify things a bit, a line level can be generally considered a signal that has already gone thru a substantial stage of pre_amplification whereas an instrument signal is purely what a guitar, a bass or a keyboard can put out as it is. This is a very poor description but may be useful for typical guitar apps.

Properly designed Fx loops should use +4dB line level signals. Some loops offer a switch to change between -20/-10 to +4dB (mostly in older gtr amps). A preamp (Boogie, Soldano..and the likes) send out a +4 dB line level signal.

1)Boogies use +4dB line levels in fx loops (check the manual or ask their support for confirmation), so you should use XLRs on Eventide products to interface correctly.

1/4" I/Os should be used when:

-an instrument is directly connected to Eclipse, like in a gtr>Eclipse>combo amp setup

-any audio source that you know is working at non line level.

1b) The User Manual explains how to wire the cables ends connected to the Eventide as balanced and how to unbalance the other ends connected to unbalanced sources. Our Knowledge base area has a number of useful tech notes in this field.



check the "Most Popular Articles" section for accurate details.

2) Not clear what exactly you ask here. Please elaborate.

3a) yes, it's possible..but..again….levels and connectors should be properly matched on their signal type.

3b) Not really much to set on Eclipse; as I said in my first reply all outputs should be alive at the same time, so no need to set anything here. Inputs may need to be properly set if you use stereo or mono input. That's also described in my previous reply.

3c) you'll know this after reading the Knowledge Base technotes and the user manual.

4) ALL audio devices will deal with signal type, level and impedance. No way out. It's important.

The rule is simple! Match an output with an input of the same exact audio level.