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Surround SFX

+1 on native versions. I have the Anthology II bundle but the HD2 rig is collecting dust and looking at permanent retirement. Apart from the processing per dollar being way behind the times, the DSPs more often than not max out at 96k (well, at least for most *interesting* plug-ins)….which is a pity as I work at 192k most of the time. So Mr HD2 doesn't get to play with the boys very often anymore. 

Also, surround capable plug-ins would be great. I can imagine spending significant money on a native surround Eventide bundle to complement the Lexicon reverb offerings, especially if it were to contain the ultra-shifter algorithms (not just the 3000-ish ones in the Anthology bundle). Basically make the 8000 a native Mac plug, charge me 2k and everybody should be happy 🙂

Personally, I like the iLok. Nice and hassle-free, no "you have already authorised 3 machines so please wait a week for someone in support to get back to you" nonsense. Plug in the dongle, install, rolling. 

 My 2 ct on the matter.