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I'm suggesting the same thing- use the new software and take the time to get your saved presets to sound the way they did before. Here's some help, maybe.

One thing I experienced after upgrading the software was ALL saved presets that I loaded back into the TF and which included modulation where sounding different- and I found one of the reasons: when checking the modulation value, it showed weird numbers, like 243 (when mod. goes only up to 10, for example). I had to turn the knob until it popped back into it's original range and tweaked it until I found a reasonable setting. But of course I could not remember the original setting. It's inconvenient, but it's the way it is.

This also happened to other values like flutter, wow, bits, hiss (now saturation, which does nothing IMO). I recommend to check this, it gave me the opportunity to get my original settings and sounds back to a certain degree. BUT the sound of the vintage, tape and mod delays has changed (to the better) and hence you'll have a few of your old presets that you won't be able to get to sound like before.

I learned to cope with that because the advantages of the new software easily outweigh the disadvantages- for me. More storable presets, better sound, less glitches, better MIDI clock timing and so on. 

Really worth a try. Remember, it's like a computer: you'll never be able to get your old system back after an upgrade. But you get lots of improvements in other areas. I try to be positive on that one :))

Cheers from Germany,