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The message LOADING appeared in the lower right, and the pedal just said "READY." Nothing else happened.

That's all you see until the load is complete. It takes quite a while.


1. When using FactorLib, should the pedal be in update mode or just powered on

Powered on – update mode is only for updates. In case this confuses others, we'll add a warning to the next version.


2. How do I know the pedal has been successfully recognized?

It will give warnings within about 5 seconds if it has not.


3. When is it safe to disconnect the USB cable from the pedal?

After all loads and other activity are complete.


4. Why not mention in the documentation that all banks need to be available?

They don't need to be – it will only load the currently selected banks – this is deliberate. We can add a note to the UM but it is pretty self evident.


As far as the "EMPTY" message, I've never seen it before

This is a message from the Looper, indicating that it has no recording, i.e. is empty. Presumably the unit was switched off in a state where the looper was loaded, so it came back when you powered up. It was unfortunate that this message could be interpreted as "no presets".