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Further Adventures in Pitchfactor in loop:  And not a happy story.  I thought perhaps the fact that the Octaver is a gain effect might also be an issue, I know that putting gain effects in the effects loop is generally not advised.  So I tried it again with the gain of the effect (bottom knob, second from right) turned  full off.  That did not help.  I then thought to listen to the Diatonic using the loop, and really it did not sound right to me, sort of distorted, just not right.  Then I noticed some crackles from my amp.  I thought maybe the cables were bad and tried to figure it out.  The crackles got worse, this went on for 10 minutes.  I then looked in the back of the amp.  One of my tubes was badly red plating.  Meaning now I have to buy a new set of 4 tubes, they are fried.  A coincidence?  Nearly new tubes, but I did not jump to conclusions.  So I hooked the Pitchfactor  up to my other Amp's effects loop (also a Carvin).  I had the same poor performance,  and then I heard a few crackles.  I unhooked that Pitchfactor immediately, and fortunately none of the tubes had started to red plate.  I now am running it outside the effects loop, it will never go back in there, I have learned my lesson.  As the Pitchfactor works just fine outside the loop, this is one of those things that I think I am going to have a hard time convincing anyone of this being an issue.  I don't jump to conclusions, but when that second Amp crackled, and it had never done that before, well I think it is a reasonable conclusion that something is going on here.  Eventide?