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Well, after another snafu got resolved with GC, my MF (new unit) finally arrived two days ago. I have mostly spent time with it trying to emulate the pedals I want to remove(Boss CE-3, Boss Super Phaser, Digitech Flanger…the basics). Flanger, easy, gone. The Boss Chorus, I have it really close. There is just a little bit of warmth in the Boss pedal that I cannot quite recreate yet. The phaser has been the toughest. Even with your settings(which were really good), I just couldn't get happy with the MF in the loop. It was just too prominent for me when using phaser and flanger. I just felt like I couldn't hear much of the amp anymore(for lack of a better description). For me, right now, I am much happier with the MF in front of the amp where it feels more subtle. I know once I get some more experience with it, I will try the loop again. Also, my Boss phaser has a certain bite/buzz feel to it that I just couldn't recreate in the loop(when using amp distortion). If we could have everything we wanted, it would be nice to be able to send some effects to the loop and some to the front of the amp.

Anyway, main reasons for getting the MF were to replace pedals and to be able to try out some new effects I have never used before(rotary/leslie/vibrato etc) without buying a bunch of new pedals and to have presets. So, the MF will achieve all of that.

The one thing I haven't quite tracked down is that on while dialing in these various sounds, I noticed that the MF would kinda reduce the low end vs. bypassed especially when using distortion. It felt like I lost a little thump. I also noticed this on some of the presets as well.

Still, I am happy with the purchase.