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CTC – I'm using Windows 7 64bit.  The information you provided about the USB mappings sounds odd to me and think there may be another issue in play here.  Pulling a headset and plugging it back in should not require a reboot.  Not since Windows 95 did USB work that cluegy.

I may have time to login and help you out, but if something should go wrong I could not nor Eventide be held responsible, but I'm available if you like.

Nick,  that sounds nice, but what I just heard was that companies that make cameras and printers and phones shouldn't have to troubleshoot their devices working with a particular computer.  Imagine owning a PC build company.  I make a PC using industry standard hardware and software, then someone comes along with a product they claim works with it, but my customer hasn't gotten it to work.  Should I or in this case HP be responsible to make sure every device in the world works?  How about Microsoft?  Should they support every USB cam, Modem, Nic card, keyboard, camera, antenna, CDRom, VOIP phone, interface, driver in the world?  I would think companies like Microsoft and HP provide hardware and software based on industry standards, create partner programs like MSDN that show companies how to make their products work, and then leave it to the creators of those products to hire the right personell to put it all together and support it.  As a Senior IT guy for a company that does just that.  I could not ever tell my customer to go to HP or Microsoft or even Google for support on integrating something I created and validated for them.  Following industry standards on USB, MIDI and I/O, I would think 99% of your customers wouldn't have trouble, especially if you wrote drivers for the products we're connecting with connecting, and supporting the 1% would be a cakewalk.  But that's another program to support altogether now isn't it?

Anyway, not a knock at Eventide, just an observation.