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Agreed, but I believe that success in support comes from management via a proper mitigation of potential issues.

By the way, you're products rock.  If I were to have a voice at all in terms of where there appears to be lack, I would probably say the absence of software for realtime control of the pedal.  Think about what companies like Line 6 are doing with their USB interfaces and the GUI software that can control parameters in real time by sliding a virtual mic around the computer desktop.  At this point I think they are setting the precidence for what consumers are coming to expect out of a quality device such as an Eventide product.  Eventide has always been known as the innovator and trendsetter in the guitar effects market, but take a look at the software and it appears there hasn't been any movement in this department since circa 1995.  Having software to control the pedal helps the customer visually delve down into the parameters that are otherwise hidden away.  It creates somewhat of  a visual prestidigitation that enables easier use of the pedal.

Anyway, nice job on the stomboxes.  I absolutely love them.