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Thanks! I hear what you're saying about parameter control, too… kind of like VSIG for the pedals, and yeah, that would be really cool. I wish I was in the position of realistically using the H8000 or H7600, but I can't justify the expense when I have no intention of using it in a professional studio and getting a return on the investment.

And yeah, what's available now to the average musician, what we can do with software now as opposed to even 5 years ago, is just amazing. For example, some guitar amp modelling software allows you to basically build complete virtual circuits, even program in your own parameters if you don't like their selection of tubes or transformers. That's pretty incredible stuff, especially after spending 10 years of my free time building tube amps… cheaper, too… much much cheaper.

On the other hand, nothing I've heard comes close to the real thing. Well, close, maybe… closer in sound, not so close in feel. Heard a quote once, forgot where or to whom the credit belongs, but something like "analog is just like digital with an infinitely fast clock." Maybe that's true and maybe it's not, but it's interesting to think about and maybe explains a few things… but I digress…

What I mean to say is, in my opinion, nothing sounds like an Eventide… period (yeah, I know… it's not analog… LOL). If I can't justify $4000+, I can very easily justify $400 (well, $1300 for all three), and what it may lack in software control, it more than makes up in sound quality, at least for me. Actually, I think the level of control afforded via the hardware is pretty amazing, too… a few more knobs than the 3 on my first delay.

Anyway, I'm sure I owe ctc an apology for going so far off-topic… and yeah, I love these pedals, too…