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CTC – I'm using Windows 7 64bit.  The information you provided about the USB mappings sounds odd to me and think there may be another issue in play here.  Pulling a headset and plugging it back in should not require a reboot.  Not since Windows 95 did USB work that cluegy.

I may have time to login and help you out, but if something should go wrong I could not nor Eventide be held responsible, but I'm available if you like.


Thanks for the offer. What issue are you thinking about? The headset continued to work fine in Windows and Skype, etc. It only required a reboot to work with Dragon.

I have done all of my own computer troubleshooting since Windows 3.11 (I never knew how good using a hammer could make me feel, *#@%!). Can you suggest what you may have done to get the FactorLib software working properly with the Timefactor?