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Ah, that makes more sense now that I know how you're running everything. I agree, the MF chorus sounds, especially Classic, are more "flange"-like than Boss chorus pedals. Reminds me, somewhat, of an EH Small Clone. It's still a great sound, but not really anything like the Boss CH or CE series, or the TC SFC. I'll always have a soft spot for the Boss CE-2, but it was my first chorus pedal 25 years ago and remains one of my favorites.

I agree also about the Random waveform. I use that a lot (not always, though) as the Mod Source; I think it sounds more "organic" or "alive" and I love how the MF gives you the ability to modulate the modulation. I find myself using an expression pedal to control the speed a lot, too. That's become an addiction of mine, after I got used to doing that with several Univibe clones.

Not sure if I can add anything more to what you've already discovered. Lowering the Intensity and Depth help some, too. Once you find some settings that work for you, I'd love to check them out, if you have the time to post them at some point!

Anybody else have any ideas?