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Thanks for your thoughts and kind words, Timothy. They are very appreciated.

The pickups in that Strat are custom handwound 'Burgs' by Mick Brierley, a very talented English ex-pat now living in Australia and slowly rising as a star of the boutique pickup world. Mick winds all of my pickups for me. I verbally explain what I'm looking for and he nails it every time. His pickups can also be heard in the Tele I use for many videos and also a Burny SG which I drag out every now and then. Flatteringly, he and I both have had a ton of emails asking about those pickups so he's going to release a 'Burgs' (lol) signature set, exactly the same as the ones you see here. 

Mick's site is at www.brierleyguitarpickups.com.au if you're interested.