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As disclosed above, I am trying to create a viable parallel effects loop to preserve the analog signal and selectively add in delay.

I come from a rack based guitar rig where I had a Soldano X88R preamp > Eclipse > VHT 292 power amp > speaker cabs.  And by now its very well established that effects such as delay, reverb, chorus, etc all are best placed within the signal chain after high gain preamp settings.

The new head I ordered has preamp out and power amp in jacks and enough space to mount the TF and a Nobles MS-4 midi switcher (to control amps settings with specific TF settings) within the head cab.  Additionally, I may use a Voodoo Labs ISO-5 to power them.

If need be I could add, for example, the Suhr Mini Mix II, to the setup, but openly wonder if this is sonicly or electrically necessary, given such a basic set of requirements.

Obviously, if the Eventide Stopmpboxes were updated to allow for this while addressing any phase issues, etc,, this would be seen as highly desirable for that contingent of guitar players that get thier gain from the amps rather than OD stompboxes (that Eventide does not make at all) and make much much better use of the (mostly) series effects loops that are typically offered.