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Hey, Anthony! Glad to hear you're getting your Space soon, too… I was wondering about that. I think our orders must've been within a few hours of each other. I've been doing business with Sweetwater for about 4 years now and they've always been great to deal with.

The reason I'm excited about the ability for the ExpPedal to receive CC data is because what the ExpPedal controls is per patch, but controlling a knob or knobs with an AuxSwitch is global, right? Or am I missing something there, too? I know that the ExpPedal transmits CC data, but last time I looked, I couldn't designate that as the receiver, but that was on either the TF or MF and may have been V2.4. I'd look again, but I pulled my pedalboard apart last night with the intent of rebuilding it with Space.

With your idea of using the AuxSwitch of one pedal to control another, yeah I do that, too. For me, I'd rather have the PF's Flex, TF's Repeat, and MF's Brake on one set of switches, Tap, Tuner, and Bank Down on another, then the TF's Looper controls on the third. That logical grouping makes sense to me in my rig, but I love having the flexibility to do it that way or any other way anyone else wants to do it.

Another thing that interested me in the manual is the Hot switch on the Space. It sounds, to me, like it's setup per patch just like the ExpPedal is… any combination of any knobs over any range. It's just the Hot switch is Max-Min, not continuously variable like the ExpPedal is. It can be toggled on-off (quick press) or momentary (press'n'hold, then release), which is a really cool idea. I'm looking forward to trying it out and think it would make a great addition to the other Factors, too (like making the MF's Brake or PF's Flex more programmable than they are presently). Of course, that's all controllable via MIDI CC, too.