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Actually, I just tried again several options. In my experience, the biggest problem with using vsig lies in dealing with the serial connection from a Windows inside MacOSX.

So, I tried again the old VsigX. Actually it seems to work quite well on my system (OSX 10.6.7)

What I did:

-install the latest drivers for the Keyspan USB-serial interface (model USA-19HS) (drivers available on http://www.tripplite.com/en/support/downloads/index.cfm?txtArchive=0&txtLang=&txtOS=

-finish the installation of the USB-serial interface according to the Keyspan manual

-start VSIGX

-in Preferences… -> Connection -> enable Serial and choose the correct device, in my case something like cu.KeySerial1 (and maybe check all options are the same on the unit and in the Preferences: Baud rate, etc.)

-menu MIDI -> get sigDbase (YOU HAVE TO DO THAT before opening your patches, to have the correct data for your unit) … be patient… check the unit is sending something (look at its screen)… when it's done, you will have to give a location and name for the database…

-now, you should be able to use for instance MIDI -> Get Patch

VsigX is quite old (version 1.9beta released November 2006). But vsig is quite old too, and still in beta too (version 2.4.9beta released October 2007).

Bottomline is: try VsigX again. That might be your best bet. Ask questions here if you don't succeed.

All best.