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Surprisingly the Berhinger gets a lot of good press, especially with the UNO rom update wich allows a lot more functionality. Personally don't Berhingers business model and quality….but that is just my opinion / problem.

It is basically a rip off, sorry tribute to the Roland one you have listed.

I am not sure that the Line 6 controller will be any use, I have had 3 Line6 FBVs, an Express, a Shortboad and a shortboard MkII and none of them have Midi ports, the FBV MkII has a USB port that can send Midi and has a cool computer interface for programming, but you would need to have it plugged into a computer all the time as it will not work standalone.

Not sure where you are in the world, but I managed to get a Ground Control Pro in perfect condition for less than I can buy a Roland FC-300 new.