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No, I didn't have any problems with MIDI feedback when I had 3 Factors looped, although I wasn't using any CCs. I don't know if that would be the case with an Eclipse, though, and from what I remember from the Eclipse UM, Brock's right about the SEQ OUT setting (UM p49).

I think (again, I don't remember exactly) that I had the TF transmitting MIDI Clock, so it's MIDI OUT would've been set to XMT. I had that running to the PF, which was sent to receive MIDI Clock as well as transmit MIDI Clock and Program Change. So, it's MIDI OUT would've been XMT, too, but it was mirroring the clock data from the TF. I then ran the PF to the MF, which was set to receive MIDI Clock and Program Change, and its MIDI OUT was set to THRU. That ran back to the TF, which was set to receive Program Change data. The result was that I could use the tap tempo from the TF to control the clock of all three pedals and use the preset selection from the PF to control all three pedals. At least that's what I remember… I may have been mirroring the program change data, not the clock data, but the result would essentially be the same. This was awhile before V3 came out, too. I've since rewired my pedalboard, so I can't directly test this without doing so again (the MIDI jacks aren't easily accessible in my current setup).

I wish the Factor pedals had a MIDI Merge function built in, but they don't. Maybe in a future version??